Instructions To E-Transfer

To E-Transfer, the donor must initiate and complete the transaction via electronic banking. Here are the steps:

      1. Sign in to to your banks electronic banking.
      2. Select E-Transfer as your type of transaction.
      3. Enter the amount you wish to donate.
      4. Transfer is to be sent to   This address is configured to auto deposit to the Rotary Club of North Bay – ITF Charitable Trust Account.  You do not have to enter a security question.
      5. So we can create a tax receipt, in the message area, please include your mailing address and email address.  Because the transaction is auto deposited,  the bank only provides your name and the amount of the transfer on our notification and without your contact information, we cannot generate a receipt (CRA requires tax receipts include a physical address).
      6. Accept our thanks for helping Rotary help kids!