Meet Jaylyne, Our 2018 Rotary4Kids Ambassador

Jaylyne is 9 years old and attends to St. Francis school. She lives in a multi generation home with her great grandmother, paternal grandparents as well as her  autistic Uncle Chucky who is her best friend.

Jaylyne was born oxygen deprived  and was found to have learning disabilities and social delays  . Jaylyne  has required speech therapy as well as Respiratory support. When she could not balance on a bike she was assessed by a physiotherapist and it was  discovered she  has a scoliosis in her lumbar and thoracic spine that requires her to wear a full torso brace 18 hours a day.

She loves her Saturdays at NADY as well as the NADY  summer  day camp. Here she enjoys meeting new friends who all face challenges. At NADY They can all be who they are and develop skills without judgement.   Through  NADY Jaylyne enjoyed horseback riding lesson at Sunnydale Farms.

Daily Jaylyne looks for ways  to help others and make them smile.

She is very excited to be the ambassador for Roltary4kids to help bring awareness to all children with special needs.

Want to learn more about Rotary4Kids.  Go to and learn how you can “help Rotary help kids” like Jaylyne and their families.