Where Does The Money Go?

Fair question. You donate to a charity and you wonder, where does my money go?

In the case of Rotary4Kids, you will be pleased to know that it stays right here in the North Bay and surrounding area supporting area children with special needs.

In some cases, that money is directed to other agencies, like the Nipissing Association for Disabled Youth (www.nady.ca), who we are supporting as they raise money to replace their aging van, plus an additional contribution to support their summer recreation program. In other cases, money goes direct to a child’s need, as we we work extensively with medical professionals throughout the region who identify and recommend support and methodology.

But rest assured, when you contribute to Rotary4Kids, you are helping Rotary help kids!

Help www.rotary4kids.ca. You can donate on-line now, and don’t forget, Kevin’s Longest Morning will be on the air, broadcasting live on KISS 100.5 from Northgate Shopping Centre Wednesday, March 28th and 29th, raising money for Rotary4Kids.