Can You Support Our Fundraising?

Over it’s storied history of close to 100 years, The Rotary Club of North Bay has  made the support of special needs children and their families in North Bay and area it’s primary focus for it’s charitable work.  And over the years the fundraising has taken many forms from soliciting direct donations among members and friends, to community events such as telethons, skate-a-thons, snowmobile rides, community events and radio shows.

In the spring of 2020, just as we were weeks away from our primary fundraising event, COVID-19 arrived forcing us to postpone and later cancel our public fundraiser for 2020.

But even as our fundraising stopped, the Rotary Club of North Bay continues to work with health care agencies and private families to offer support to children with special needs.


Can We Ask You For Your Support?

Donations received help local and area families of children with special needs to assist with buying rehabilitative devices, sponsoring kids for therapeutic camps and working with professionals who identify individual needs for families with no where else to turn..


Thank you for helping Rotary help Kids….