Meet Gage, Our Rotary4Kids Ambassador For 2019

Gage Colnar is a 7 (and a half if you ask him) year old boy with tons of personality. He is in Grade 2 at St. Hubert’s school. Gage was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Severities vary for this disability; For Gage it affects his lower extremities, and he is paralyzed from mid-thigh down. He primarily uses a wheelchair for mobility, and crawls around when out of his chair. He cannot stand alone or walk.

However, do not let that fool you! This kid is FAST! Which is the reason he chose green wheels for his chair-because green means go!

Although potentially shy at first, Gage is a very intelligent and bright little boy. He is an encyclopedia of random facts, and loves jokes! He enjoys dinosaurs, space, science, and animals. When Gage grows up, he would like to be a paleontologist. Gage is great at math, and dislikes English and printing. He is a good student and all his teachers and EA’s enjoy having him in their class. He is soft spoken, and incredibly Kind-he loves every person of every ability.

Gage’s favourite toy is his Xbox! He is obsessed with anything Harry Potter (team Gryffindor!), and he is currently reading the 4th book.  He enjoys playing Pokémon and Beyblades. He hates vegetables, and thinks pumpkin guts are the worst thing in the world.

He loves his 5-year-old sister Rogue, even when she doesn’t listen and steals his toys.

Gage began attending NADY last year, with the rec program. We have loved every program offered and have had some wonderful experiences! It has made a world of difference in Gage’s socialization and I have seen a huge spike in his confidence! He counts down the days every week until he gets to see his NADY friends on Saturdays. We have really enjoyed the different weekly themes, programs and outings and Gage always has wonderful memories to share. His favourite part is skiing with the Nipissing trackers and has a blast out on the bi-ski. He can be seen laughing at his mom try to ski down the hill behind him (Mom is not a very good skier!)

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